Who We Are

A faithful friend is an elixir of life and those who fear the lord will find him.   -Sirach 6:16

Good god. Good conversations. Good Friendships.

Our Story

Like many great ideas, Catholic Beer Club was discovered by accident. Three Benedictine College students decided to grab a beer over their summer vacation at one of the many breweries in Denver, CO. After an evening of discussions about the beauty of God and of relationships they wanted to share this experience with others. They each decided to invite two friends and meet up again a couple of weeks later. Throughout the summer these “Catholic Beer Club” events grew and by the end of the summer over 100 people would be in attendance. Upon sharing their success with their classmates they decided that this opportunity to meet passionate young Catholics must be made more available and promoted. Many successful events have followed across the country and today Catholic Beer Club Chapters have been started in over 20 cities!

After four years hosting CBC events and talking to young adults we have learned that more than anything, they are seeking authentic friendships with other young Catholics to walk with them in their faith. We are passionate about expanding our events across the country to serve this need.

CBC members reach outside of themselves to welcome new people, and find new roommates, running partners, future spouses, bible studies, sports leagues, and more. As they grow in their faith together, new apostolates begin to form and the New Evangelization flourishes.