Who We Are

Like many great ideas, Catholic Beer Club was discovered by accident. A couple friends decided to get a beer. After discussing life and the beauty of relationships, they decided that this experience must be made more available and promoted as a part of the New Evangelization.  The engagement of the participants, the absence of an agenda, and the union of Catholic communities has established beautiful relationships. Many successful events have followed in cities across the country. CBC members continue engaging the culture as they bring together the young adult Catholic community in the public sphere, calling on young adults to reach outside of themselves, and creating an open atmosphere for the discussion of everything from Beer to God. 

Although Jesus Christ was an extraordinary man, his gospel has been taken up by ordinary men. We are these ordinary people, and in this case we must be ordinary to proclaim his extraordinary gospel message. In the end, CBC is a gathering of young people who love Catholicism, beer, and good conversation-all in moderation.