Welcome To Oklahoma City! 

OKC is excited to welcome you! We can't wait to explore the amazing food, fun, and cowboy culture of this city with you. We hope to meet you at an event soon!!

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City Coordinator:

Dominic Hoang

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Dominic Hoang is an Oklahoma City native and loves a good time out with friends.  Joy is his middle name, (not really) but he is extremely passionate about living a joy filled life!  His full time gig is working as a Financial Specialist for the Federal Highways Administration.  If he isn’t working numbers, Dominic can be found sipping on coffee, checking out new places, cycling, wrenching on a car, and/or spreading joy.  One of his greatest passions is helping the Catholic Young Adults of OKC become closer in their faith.  Dominic would like to tell you to always ask questions, be nice, and exude what you believe!

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