Derek Roush


Derek attended Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas where he developed many lifelong friendships and earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering. By day he manages several large accounts for a manufacturing company in Grand Forks ND, but by night he dreams of entrepreneurship and runs Catholic Beer Club with an awesome team of passionate Catholics.  Though an avid Sporting KC fan, at the top of his bucket list is watching Spain and the USA play in Barcelona someday. Derek loves authentic relationships, beer of all varieties, and the vibrant movement of young adults within the New Evangelization. Sharing these passions through Catholic Beer Club events across the country has been a great blessing. Every city Catholic Beer Club reaches is a new opportunity to witness to new individuals and Derek is excited for these encounters in the days ahead.



Julia Swanson


After studying in Montana, Denver, and Austria, Julia finally finished her degree in English Literature with a minor in Philosophy at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Due to an unexpected change in direction, she spent a year as a housemother at St. Gianna's Maternity Home and now serves as Director of the Newman Women's House at the University of North Dakota. She started writing for the CBC Times in January 2015, and as she got to know CBC, she wanted to get more involved. She is excited to be learning and working with a talented group of people, to bring about the New Evangelization through authentic leisure, with a healthy dose of truth and beauty. She loves traveling and exploring new places, and is currently falling in love with the American prairie. Outside of her work with CBC, she likes cooking without a recipe, driving without a destination, and dancing without an audience. 


Abraham Khadivi

Director of City Development

Abe was born in Lawrence, Kansas, and grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City. He earned a bachelors in Aviation Administration from Utah Valley University. He is a pilot for a cargo airline which flies freight for DHL, UPS, and Fedex. His favorite things in the world include: Eucharistic Adoration,  spending time with family,  Kansas City beer and barbecue, the Kansas City Royals, and traveling the world. He thanks you for your interest in CBC and looks forward to seeing you at one of our many events nationwide.

Zak Larson

Director of Operations

Zak Larsen is one of the lucky ones born and raised in the beauty of the great white north (AKA Minnesota). After three great years at Benedictine College he graduated with a degree in economics and business management in 2013. Post graduation Zak married his beautiful wife Anna and moved down to the Kansas City area. Zak now lives in the Lenexa area with his wife and son. He enjoys being outdoors and thinks an early morning out on the lake is one of the best places to get some solid prayer time in. Like his coffee and cigars, Zak enjoys mostly darker beers. Stouts, lagers, and the one and only Guinness are a few of his favorite types.



Paul McCullough

Marketing Coordinator

Paul McCullough is a native of Grand Forks, ND and a graduate of the University of North Dakota, whose favorite cheap beer is PBR. Paul is a big fan of good conversations, rhyming, and enjoying God's Creation in the great outdoors. When he isn't helping with Catholic Beer Club's marketing, you can find him riding his bike or at the local curling club