Welcome to Lubbock!

We want to extend a West Texas welcome to you from Lubbock, where everyone is your neighbor & life slows down. We can’t wait to show you the friendliness of our city & introduce you to all of the local hot spots.


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City Coordinator:

Stephen Schwieterman

Stephen Schwieterman is a die-hard Texas native, originally from Dallas. After graduating from Texas Tech University, he decided to stick around Lubbock-a place where West Texas friendliness, hunting, football, and beer drinking are all serious business. Stephen loves traveling and drinking beer, especially when the two go hand-in-hand! He has backpacked around Europe and also recently participated in a Catholic mission trip to Guatemala. Stephen is always up for new adventures and making new friends, which is why he is excited to start a CBC chapter in Lubbock. If you ever find yourself in windy, friendly, slow-moving, Lubbock, find Stephen (most likely at Fuzzy's) and join the crew for some laughs and good fellowship! 

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