A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: He that has Found one has found a treasure. -Sirach 6:14

Welcome! Finding Catholic friends can be tough. Catholic Beer Club is an event for young Catholics to meet new people and pursue authentic friendships. Events take place across the country, linking you to a national network of young adults and providing an entry point into any new city you find yourself in. 

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After being struck by the second earthquake in just a few months, the Italian town of Norcia is left with plenty of restoration work that needs to be done. As a Benedictine order, the Monks of Norcia are in need of donations to fund the rebuilding of their monastery, basilica, and brewery. Yes, brewery. As a part of the cultural revolution in the modern world, appreciators of good beer and good faith, why don't we all take a moment to evaluate what we can do to help?

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