Welcome to Des Moines!

Welcome to Des Moines, Iowa! We are excited to meet you at the next CBC event! Make sure to take a look around and get to know everything this amazing city has to offer! 

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City Coordinator:

Kate Farley

Kate Farley’s favorite combination is good beer + great conversation. She first experienced Catholic Beer Club on the island of Oahu, Hawaii — established by her good friend, Ben Fox — and was excited to bring the concept to Des Moines. Kate graduated from The University of Iowa in 2015 with a master’s degree in accounting, but still likes to think she’s not the stereotypical bean counter. She enjoys any local farmer’s market, any outdoor adventure, and any sweet treat — preferably a cupcake. If you’re down to try a new IPA and/or just meet some new friends, join Kate in exploring this (highly underrated) city!

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