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Submission Guidelines

Part of building communities is sharing our ideas and working our way towards truth. Modern technology offers us the opportunity to feature many unique voices in the pursuit of truth, together. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, or you have a single post you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

In order to become a blogger, please fill out the Blogger Submission form at the bottom of the page AND send an email to cbctimes@gmail.com with your writing sample.

Submissions should be 800-1000 words. Submissions should fit into at least one of our four categories listed below. While submissions do not need to deal explicitly with the Catholic faith, the CBC Times is committed to adhering to the teachings of the Magisterium, and will not consider submissions which claim truths contrary to Church teaching. The CBC Times covers four general categories:

Culture: Articles dealing with modern culture, the Church in the modern world, music, art, as well as current events and hot topics. 

Faith & Reason: Articles dealing with topics in philosophy, theology, spirituality, and prayer.

Life & Leisure: Articles dealing with authentic leisure, lifestyle, beer, hobbies and other pastimes. 

Community: Articles dealing with friendships, relationships, living in community, and family life in all it's forms.

Articles do not need to fit cleanly into one category, but should show a focus that leans in one direction. Articles should show thoughtful consideration of a topic (rants are best saved for your journal or letters to your best friend), aim toward a point, and should be edited to ensure that the piece flows well and is grammatically correct.

Authors that are accepted as regular contributors must be willing to work with a CBC Editor via GoogleDocs as deemed necessary by the editor before an article will be posted.

Regular Contributors: If you are applying to be a regular contributor, you will be expected to contribute one article every 5-7 weeks as scheduled by the CBC Times Editor. Posting dates are scheduled via Google Calendar and you will be notified at least 4 weeks before your posting date.


By submitting your work you are giving Catholic Beer Club permission to publish your piece on the CBC Times. If after you have submitted your work, it is published on another platform, in any medium, you are responsible for letting the CBC Times editor know immediately. If your piece is accepted by the CBC Times, no other platforms may publish that piece without permission directly from the CBC Times. This applies to each individual post of guest bloggers and regular contributors.