Ryan Boh


Ryan Boh is a proud native of Colorado where he was first introduced to his faith. As a young man Ryan was heavily influenced by many mentors, family members and friends who had a strong devotion to Catholicism. His strong formation led him to believe he would eventually become a priest. Hesitant to attend college, he went off to Benedictine in Atchison, Kanasas where he met is wonderful wife and received his B.A.’s in International Business and Management. Currently, Ryan works and lives with his wife in Minnesota. In his free time Ryan enjoys reading, strategic games, most things brewed (coffee or beer), traveling and going on walks with his wife Stephanie.

Pete Ambrose


Pete Ambrose is from the small town of Fairplay Colorado. He enjoys drinking beer, talking about beer and even brewing his own beer. Pete is the fourth member of his family to take up the hobby of homebrewing and he hopes to someday have his own brewery and distillery. During their studies in Europe, Ryan and Pete emerged themselves in beer and wine culture. The following summer they founded Catholic Beer Club together in Denver with a desire to respond to the New Evangelization and engage the American culture. Pete has a degree in International Business with a minor in Theology. Pete has a love for the great outdoors and when he is not at Catholic Beer Club, he is biking, hunting or dreaming about entrepreneurship. More important than any of Pete’s hobbies, he is passionate about the Catholic faith.  With the saints, beauty and art as a witness to the one true faith, Pete says that it is the duty of every Catholic to also witness the love of God every day of our lives.     

Derek Roush

Derek Roush is from Lawrence Kansas and fittingly and avid Jayhawks fan. He enjoys meeting new people, developing relationships with them, and drinking beer with them. The source of any beer knowledge he possess has come from his college roommate Pete Ambrose. He had a short run as his brewing apprentice and hopes to develop the skill further after he graduates. Derek is a Mechanical Engineering major in his final year at Benedictine College. He hopes to find a job in Kansas City after graduation and continue to lead CBC in KC and get involved with the vibrant young adult Catholic atmosphere there. Derek’s favorite saint is St. John Paul II, and his favorite quote of his is the inspiration behind Derek’s passion for the New Evangelization. “We need saints who like movies, the theater, music, dance, sports…who are sanctified in the world… but not of the world.”