Welcome to Dallas!

We are excited to welcome you to Texas! Dallas is full of wonderful people and great places. We can't wait to see you at the next CBC event! 

City Coordinators: 

Alex Johannigman

Alex Johannigman of Austin, TX believes that “beer that is not drunk has missed its vocation.” After studying mechanical engineering at Rice University, home of “Beer Bike” and a fight song that includes the lyrics “Stand, Cheer, Drink More Beer!” Alex moved to Dallas to work full time in the corporate world while pursuing a master’s degree in theology at the University of Dallas because he thought it sounded fun. One of his greatest accomplishments in life is visiting 25 different breweries during the year he spent in Colorado serving the homeless as a missionary with Christ in the City. His other passions include swing dancing, Doctor Who, board games, and musical theater.

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Patrick Rowles

Patrick Rowles is a native of Napa Valley and his family operates Kolbe Academy, which is one of the largest Catholic homeschooling programs in the world. Although he enjoys a glass of red wine, Patrick is a beer fanatic at heart. He earned a bachelor of arts in philosophy from the University of Dallas in May, 2013 and his favorite memory from studying abroad is visiting Delirium Brewery in Brussels, Belgium, which holds the world record for most beers available on one night, at 2,004! He currently lives in Irving, Texas. He enjoys watching baseball and playing rugby and cornhole in his free time. 

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