The Best Bands to Listen to This Fall

With the first day of fall just this week I have been trying to embrace the season; which, unlike most folks (CBC editor included) is very hard for me.  Here in CO we get a fleeting moment of delightfully crisp air and the beautiful death of the changing leaves then we are thrust head long into winter. In my very biased opinion winter is awful, so fall is always accompanied with serious feelings of melancholy. Lucky for me there is a plethora of music to accompany this feeling. Find a winding road and turn up the volume or grab a blanket and a cup of tea and get cozy with these bands that are perfect for fall.

1) Gregory Alan Isakov

I cannot speak enough praise about this man’s music. His most recent album is with the Colorado Symphony and quite simply awe-inspiring.  If you have heard his music before but have not taken the time to listen to these new arrangements, you are missing out on a glorious exhibition of talent

2) Tow'rs

Swelling harmonies and flowing melodies make for blissful listening.  It is one of few regrets I have that I missed seeing them live when they last came through town.

3) Allman Brown

Combine Brown’s lush voice with poetic lyrics and beautiful instrumentation and you get perfect songs to accompany watching leaves fall outside your window. Do your heart a favor and put “Sons and Daughters” on repeat for about 5 hours.

4) Covenhoven

I found a kindred spirit in Covenhoven. Fellow Colorado native and lover of all things wild he brings all of himself to his music. I think the article on his sight says it best “It’s about the things you say when you’re way out there, with others, but by yourself. They are simple, woody meditations...”

5) The Oh Hellos

I mentioned this band in my last post but they are worth bringing up again. I would highly suggest listening to the full album “Dear Wormwood” start to finish. It is just so good.

6) Daughter

Daughter creates music that is truly painfully beautiful. I pray that the lyrics are as cathartic for the writer as they have been for me in moments in my life. Listen with caution, and be prepared to feel your own glorious insignificance.

7) Ben Howard

For me Ben Howard personifies melancholy and therefore is constantly playing this time of year. His instrumentation manages to be completely intentional while feeling wholly improvised. Lyrically he is a true poet with a capacity to speak to the heart.

photo credit: Joe Lehto