Our Love: Preparing Our Hearts for the Encounter

Two weeks ago we reflected upon what it means to be known by God and how that should challenge us in our spiritual lives. Today I want to build off of this topic. I want to talk about the love that we have for God and in turn the love that God has for us. In order to do that, I want to share with you all one of my favorite songs called “Our Love” by the Judah and the Lion. Ever since I first listened to this song, I believe that it has spoken to me some incredible truths about life, love, and relationships. In fact, upon first listening to the song I felt as though it was describing my life as a man searching for his bride. However, just recently I realized that there is an even deeper spiritual meaning behind the song. Not only is it talking about man in search of his bride, but it is also talking about man in search of the love of God and what happens when he encounters that love. 

In order to better explain the underlying spiritual theme of the song it is important that we do a verse by verse analysis. The first verse begins by uttering, “I’ve been walking down this road │ On my own, on my own │ I’ve been searching to find my way │ To find the path you’ve been driving on.” Within the first verse, we hear about a man on a journey. This journey takes place walking along the side of the road. The man is all alone and is able to recognize this loneliness. In the midst of being alone, the man is also able to come to terms with the fact that he has no idea where he is, or more importantly, where he is going. But he does understand that he is searching for something, or rather for someone. He is looking for love and he has a deep overwhelming desire to encounter that love. Many of us would consider our lives to be a journey. Often times we talk about how we are traveling on a certain path or road and more often than not, we don’t necessarily know where it leads. For some the road is long and arduous. Whereas, for others the road seems rather short. But the truth is, no matter where we are at sometimes the road were traveling on can seem lonesome. And let’s be real when we are by ourselves this life can be incredibly hard to navigate. With all the twist and turns, ups and downs, we often long for something, or rather someone to lead us where we need to go. Once we encounter that person and choose to follow them our lives change forever.

What I love about this song is how it parallels our lives as human beings in relation to our search for Christ. The chorus begins by stating, “Like the trees wait │ For the rain to come │ I feel hope │ In the strength of │Our love.” In this chorus, there is this theme of eager longing. This type of eager longing, or rather the longing that the man has for that something, or someone can be compared to the trees that thirst for rain. It’s almost as if that someone brings new life to the man. It’s as if by encountering this person man is given hope, strength, and love. Most of us at one point or another come to realize that we have a hole in our hearts. And many of us spend our entire lives searching for ways to fill this hole. But in reality nothing that this world can offer us is going to fill that hole. Thus, most of us are left unsatisfied and yearning for something more. However, once we encounter God who is love we are able to experience newness of life. Just like the trees that need water to grow, we too need a relationship with God in order to have abundant life. Without Him we would wither away and die, but with Him we are given hope, strength and most of all a love that will conquer all things. 

The second verse exclaims, “I’m going crazy ‘cause you’re moving slow │ The train ain’t running like I want it to go.” In this verse, it’s almost as if the man is crying out in frustration to the one he loves. He’s angry because unfortunately that person he loves doesn’t necessarily move as fast as he wants or rather they don’t always function in the way that he wants them to. Have you ever been frustrated with God? Often times, we struggle with realizing that God is at work in our lives because he’s not working the way that we want Him to. Even more so, we often find ourselves crying out to God in anger because he’s moving to slow in answering our prayers. In fact, for a lot of us it feels like he’s not even there at all. It’s as if our prayers aren’t working. Sometimes this causes many of us to lose faith.

The chorus after the second verse is a little different than the first. It begins by asserting, “Like the seas wait │ For the dawn to come │ I feel hope │ In the strength of │Our Love.” Again within this verse we hear of the love of the man has for that person in his life being analogous to the sea waiting for the dawn to come. It’s almost as if the love that person has for the man is able to bring light and warmth into his life just as the light brings warmth and brightness to the sea. The love that God has for each one of us can be seen in similar way. He loves us so much that His love brings light into the darkness of our lives. He brings warmth to our cold hearts. It is this love which continues to transform us and mold us into the men and women that the Lord is calling us to be.

The bridge begins by declaring, “So wait for me as I wait for you │ And we’ll find the love we’ve wanted to │ And all come true │ All come true.” Within the bridge, we hear the man crying out to person he loves asking them to wait for him. In the midst of this waiting, we hear that the love that the man is searching for will be found in that person and that in the end it will all come true. There love will conquer all things and they will be together forever. As Christians, it’s almost as is we are constantly waiting for the Lord. And as we prepare ourselves for the season of Advent we start to reflect upon this idea of what it means to wait. We ourselves in the season of Advent spend time preparing our hearts and our homes for how we are going to receive love incarnate on Christmas morning. It is this love, Jesus who is constantly seeking us out every moment of everyday. He wants a relationship with us. He wants to lead us to His Father in Heaven, and even more so he wants to share His unfailing love with us for all eternity. But first, just like the Shepherds and the Wiseman we must prepare ourselves for the journey. What are you doing to prepare your heart to receive Jesus this Advent? We’re all on a journey, He wants to lead us closer to Him, but we must take the first step.

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