Dating: Vocation and Risk

     My last dating relationship lasted two months. It was recklessly timed and executed.

     Stanton started a good conversation a few days ago. I’ll add this to the foundation: Dating cannot be separated from vocation. It has been my experience that vocation cannot be verified without risk, a step toward following.

     When we fret about dating, let’s do so without the audacious fear that taking the wrong risks will cost us our vocations. Out vocations exist despite ourselves.

     Neither let us fear that the pain we experience when we discover ourselves on the “wrong” path is a waste (boy, have I been there...), or that vulnerability wasn't worth it (and there, too). A serious, good faith attempt to follow our hearts to Christ brings us closer to Him. Always.

      I only dated my fiancée for two months. It was recklessly timed and executed. Perhaps the wedding is, too. But I couldn't be happier. Thanks be to God.

Pray for us on June 11, and for all others risking for their vocations.