We're Looking for Talent!

Dear CBC community,

So far, it has been a wild but exciting ride, getting the CBC blog up and running, working to provide regular posts and diversified content, but it has been well worth it. As the CBC Times continues to grow, we would love to begin offering more discussion on the intersection between Catholicism and Culture, and we are looking to increase the number of voices we feature on the Catholic Beer Club blog.

If you (or someone you know) are a writer, and you like talking about culture, the church, and community, we are currently taking applications for CBC writers. Please send a writing sample and a brief bio to catholicbeerclub@gmail.com

As we venture into new territory, we would also like to begin featuring the photography of CBCers alongside our written work. If you are a photographer, if you love finding creative ways to capture truth and beauty, please send a link to your portfolio or website, and a brief bio (if it cannot be found on your website) to catholicbeerclub@gmail.com.

Because the mission of the CBC Times is to discuss the impact of the incarnation, and the purpose and beauty of Catholic culture, writers and photographers must be faithful, practicing Catholics, who are willing to collaborate with the CBC team. Please note before applying, this is volunteer work.

As CBC and the CBC Times continue to grow, we are excited to expand, to offer a wide variety of content, and to explore even more questions facing the modern Catholic.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Julia and the CBC team