So Completely His Own

Recently, a family friend lost a baby. Somewhere around 11 weeks gestation, they could no longer find a heartbeat. After delivering the baby, she and her husband got a chance to be alone with their little one, of whom she sent me a picture.

It is one of the saddest, but also one of the most undeniably beautiful photos I have ever seen. I cried, for the parents of this little one, and for the things baby never got the chance to see and do; but there was also an incomprehensible awe that this tiniest of lives struck in me, which motivated my tears.

We are so completely His own.

I looked at this little perfection, and my fears about my future, my uncertainties, my anxieties—they certainly didn’t disappear, but they kneeled down and became small in front of this saddest of miracles.

We are so completely His own.

As I looked at the little one, and prayed for the family, the whole thing became a testament to the beauty of life. Not only have I watched a family, a couple, already so full of love, take pause from busy schedules and grow almost visibly closer, but this little life, short as it was, made me appreciate my own. Not in a ‘life is short and could be taken at any moment’ kind of way, but in a ‘look how amazing, how beautiful, how good the simple existence of this little life is’ kind of way.

In that moment, I could honestly say, for perhaps the first time in my life, all I cared about, was Love. We are so completely His own.

I put the picture down and went about my day. There were chores to be done, an unfinished paper hanging over my head, and the fact that my parents’ reaction to the photo didn’t seem to line up with mine. And the weight of it all was no less than before. But my existence is good. I am so completely His own. And all I am worried about being is love.