Boat, I will stay in the boat

Though the water glistens.

There is no shade,

And the sun is hot.


Land, one day I will see land.

The one I love is waiting

On the shore.

Quietly, over the water, he calls.


I think of him there,

Standing on the shore.

But the sun is so hot

And the water is sparkling.


River, it is a river.

The current runs far and wide,

Now fast, now slow. The water

Sparkles, and the sun is so hot!


But I will stay in the boat.

There are rapids ahead.

Magnificent they rise,

Deadly and mesmerizing.


The sun is so hot.

The one I love, still so far away.

I yearn. I feel so dry

And the water glitters.


Bored! I am getting bored.

In the sun my boredom

Is dry! My tears are wet

And so I let myself cry.


Parties! Oh we have parties.

They seem to me all the same.

And talk! I am tired of talk!

It is dry, and the sun is hot.


The water is full of promise,

Shimmering in the sun.

Lapping against the boat,

I almost long to jump.


Alive! I want to be alive

While I am living—for myself

And for the one I love.

Dance! He whispers across the water


Fear! I am afraid.

The people here do not dance

The whisper is getting louder

But I have not seen anyone dance.


but Stay! I want to stay.

Even though it is hot, the boat

Is going straight to the man I love.

I am weary, but I will stay.


Dance! The voice of my beloved

Pulses in my veins. It has long been gaining

Strength. The sun is so hot.

Afraid—I am afraid!


Through the rhythm in my veins

I hear the deck groan.

The boat seems to ache from stillness,

It appears a stage made for me.


Fire! I am on fire!

And my hips are beginning to sway.

For mercy I am on fire, I overflow!

And how I yearn for the man I love!


Tingles! My skin tingles

With every thought of the man I love.

My fears are dissipating, I do not

Care what anyone thinks.


Dance! I will dance

And the fire will blaze bright and free,

Refusing to be quenched by water,

Satisfied only on the shore.


Yearning! I am yearning

And the fire moves deep inside.

Hot, the burning fire in the sun 

But I do not care, I am alive.



Eyes. Quiet eyes. Unfamiliar eyes.

Peer across the deck, a shivering

Woman climbs aboard and

Asks to dance with me.


Cold? The water was cold?

And it did not sparkle underneath?

Please, come near the fire.

Catch all the heat you need.