Election Day Survival Kit


Election Day is tomorrow! It’s so exciting!! Are you excited??


Ehhhh… well, not really.


As Catholics, we tend to be pretty serious folk a times, and that definitely applies when it comes time to fulfill our civic duties. It can be difficult to get excited about an election like this, and even harder to maintain peace and harmony among ourselves and those we disagree with.

Ok. Don’t get me wrong. It’s totally OK to take voting seriously. In fact, it’s commended. But if you take it so seriously that a) you don’t sleep at night, b) you’re losing friends, c) your family hates you, or d) life totally sucks, then it’s time to take a TIME OUT. Go sit in the corner for a little bit and laugh about something. People might think you’re crazy, but it’s ok.

And while you’re over there, think about what G.K. Chesterton said about seriousness,

Seriousness is not a virtue. It would be a heresy, but a more sensible heresy, to say that seriousness is a vice. It is really a natural trend or lapse into taking one’s self gravely, because it is the easiest thing to do. It is much easier to write a good Times leading article than a good joke in Punch. For solemnity flows out of men naturally; but laughter is a leap. It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light. Satan fell by force of gravity.
— G.K. Chesterton



Seriousness is fine and good. Take your vote seriously. I hope you do your research and vote your conscience, but at the end of the day, I hope you can laugh a bit too, and realize that you’re not in charge of all this.

And don’t stress. We’ve got ya covered. Survive Election Day with the CBC Premium Election Day Survival Kit!


This Years Kit Includes: 

1) A Red, White and Blue Rosary, because #imwithher

rwb rosary.jpeg


2) A Book on the Saints, they exist afterall. Though they all look a bit sad, don't they? #sadsaints


3) Holy Water. You'll want to wash your hands of all this at some point. #squeakyclean

4) An invitation to a Bible study. Because we're #strongertogether

5) Premium Prayer Candles, because it's getting kind of dark out there.

6) A St. Michael the Archangel medal. #fightforus

7) A membership at your local soup kitchen. Because #lovetrumpshate #praiseJesus