Approaching the New Year

As the liturgical year comes to an end, and the holiday season approaches, we are in a season of reflection and anticipation. Making the most of it not only means planning ahead to avoid holiday stress and being temperate with the baked goods. It also means paying attention to ourselves, and taking the time to actively participate in spirit of the year’s end and Advent. Here are a couple of suggestions for Liturgical New Year’s resolutions to help us all dive in to the season.


1)   Start Journaling. Or Start Journaling Again. Or continue Journaling.


Writing about our lives helps us to see ourselves as active participants in it. It can also provide us with creative perspectives, and help us to identify things that are taking up more brain space than they deserve. Whether you write a creative interpretation of your feelings about the day or bullet point where you had lunch and which meetings you went to, writing helps you to see your life more clearly and reminds us to be present to it.


2)   Try a New Recipe.


Cooking is one of the hallmarks of the season. Taking the time to try something you’ve never done before requires you to break out of auto-pilot and reengage your senses. Always wanted to make your own holiday pies? Block off a Saturday afternoon and try it out. Not much of a baker? Buy a tub of cookie dough and decorate like its nobodies business. Not a fan of spending time in the kitchen? Find a new crockpot recipe you can do in less than 10 minutes. Smelling dinner cook all day does wonders for the heart.


3)   Go for a walk.


I know it’s cold (for most of us). But if you bundle up and walk quickly, the chilly air can clear your head and moving does wonders for the stress of the season. Plus, curling up with hot chocolate afterwards is that much more relaxing.