We're Back!

Welcome to the reinvigorated Catholic Beer Club blog. Our Mission is simple. The CBC Times aims to provide a variety of voices on issues and ideas that are prevalent in modern culture. The blogosphere is a part of the modern landscape, and so we are venturing out to encounter the culture and engage the world.


This is the message that has been given to each blogger contributing to the CBC Times: Our goal for the CBC Times is to share our love for truth as it engages with the modern culture. The techniques with which we do that are tools, not to impress, but to convey. The platform with which we have been blessed is to serve this mission. The mission of CBC is to build communities that naturally fit into the world, without being of the world. The blog is the intellectual branch of that mission. We want to encourage authentic thought, engage the human desire for truth, and offer a support system (that is, a community) for those who are seeking it.


I would like to invite you to join us.


You are the reason we are taking this leap. It is our desire that you begin to ask yourself new questions, ask us questions, challenge yourself, and challenge us. It is our hope to fuel your desire for truth and provide thought provoking content as you seek. It is our prayer that encountering and engaging with these ideas empowers you in engaging the world.


An online community is no substitute for a personal one, but we aim to be a supplemental community, a place to seek understanding, and a catalyst for new depth and breadth in the relationships you build with the people around you.


Every Monday and Thursday you can expect something new from the CBC Times.


St. Francis de Sales, Patron of Writers, Pray for Us.